Saturday & Sunday - 10:00am-1:30pm

*Automatic 20 % Gratuity for parties of 8 or more*



*$0.08 Bag fee for To-Go Orders*

Seasonal Sangria - $12
(Ask server for details)

Iced Espresso Old Fashioned - $13
Coffee Liqueur, Espresso, Bourbon

Trinidad Bloody Mary - $13
Smoked Pork Belly, Curry Mango 

St. Germain Mimosa - $13 
St. Germain, Treveri Blanc
De Blanc, Frozen Grapes

Cucumber Lime Caipirinha - $13
Cachaça (Brazillian Sugarcane Spirit), Lime, Simple & Fresh Cucumber

Raspberry Creme - $13
Whipped Cream Vodka, Raspberry Sorbet, Treveri Blanc De Blanc

Spicy Pineapple Margarita - $13
Candied Jalapeno, Fennel Salt Rim (As seen on Netflix's Best Leftovers Ever)

Smoked Guava Mimosa - $13
El Silencio Mezcal, Orange Juice, Guava, Treveri Blanc De Blanc 

Mimosa - $10
Treveri Blanc De Blanc, Orange,
Passionfruit or POG Juice

The Booyah - $13
Sugar Rimmed Glass, Vodka, Pomegranate Liqueur, Grapefruit Juice, Fresh Lemon 

Mimosa Pitcher - $36
1 Bottle Treveri Blanc De Blanc, 1 Pitcher Orange Juice 


Passionfruit, Orange,
POG Juice - $4

Passionfruit or POG
Mimosa w/ Seltzer  - $7

Fizzcraft Ginger Beer
12 oz. - $4

Watermelon Lemonade - $6
House Lemonade, Watermelon Puree

Double Shot Americano - $5
Featuring Mak Daddy's Scotch Infused Beans
Sweetners: Sugar, Splenda
Milk Options: Coconut, Oat, Half n Half

Smith Teamaker Tea - $3.5
English Breakfast, Earl Grey, White Tea, Chamomile, Rooibos



Best Waffle Ever - $14
Belgian Liege Waffle with Goat Cheese, Bacon Jam, Sunny Egg, Avocado & Balsamic Drizzle
(GF Waffle +$2)

Caramelized Onion
Quiche - $14

Asparagus, Agrodolce, Pickled Raisins
w/ Side of Fruit

Focaccia Biscuits & Gravy - $15
Italian Sausage and Truffled Cream Gravy - Add Fried Egg $2

Breakfast Tacos - $15
Pancakes with Caramelized Strawberries, Whipped Ricotta, Imported Italian
Pancetta, Balsamic Glaze

Hawaiian Fried Chicken & Waffles - $15
Belgian Liege Waffle, 5-Spice Maple Syrup & Sriracha Butter Drizzle (GF Waffle +$2)

Side of Mixed Fruit - $4

Side Focaccia Biscuit 
w/ Butter - $3

Thai Turkey Egg Omelet - $14
w/ Panang Curry & Cashews Over Rice

Blackberry Waffle
Bread Pudding - $14

Belgian Liege Waffle Bread Pudding,
Fresh Blackberries, Rum Glaze

Breakfast Charcuterie - $22
2 Focaccia Biscuits
Fromage D'Affinois - France
Cabra Romero - Spain
Imported Spanish Chorizo
Roasted Pork Belly
Fresh Fruit
Tomato Jam
Morita Chile Infused Honey

Patacon Frijoles - $14
 Fried Plantains w/ Black Beans, Chipotle Cream, Cilantro Sauce, Parsley Garlic Wine Sauce, Red Cabbage, Avocado, Cotija Cheese             (Vegetarian) - Add Pork Belly - $4

Kids Waffle - $9
5 Spice Maple Syrup & Fruit
Add a Fried Egg - $2

Kids Biscuits and Gravy - $10
Italian Sausage and Truffled Cream Gravy
-Add Fried Egg $2