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Thursday - 5pm-9pm, Friday & Saturday - 5pm-close, Sunday & Monday - 5pm-9pm

*Automatic 20 % Gratuity for parties of 8 or more*

*$0.08 Bag fee for To-Go Orders*


Small Plates

Chickpea Panisse w/ Asparagus Pesto - $11
Grilled Chickpea Panisse, Asparagus Pesto

Leche De Tigre Ceviche - $13
Marinated Cod & Baby Shrimp w/ Cilantro,
Red Onion, Lime, Ginger, Jalapeño

Elote Fritters - $6
Deep Fried Corn & Cotija Fritters w/ Chili Lime Aioli
Add Grilled Prawns - $6

Wild Alaskan Salmon Cakes - $16
Fried Salmon Cakes w/ Remoulade Dipping Sauce,
Arugula Salad, Pickled Red Onions

Patatas Bravas - $8

Fried Potatoes, Red Pepper Coulis, Garlic Aioli (Vegetarian)

Thai Fried Chicken - $12
Chicken Thigh Marinated In Fish Sauce & Maple Syrup, Cassava Crust, Thai Cashew Sauce, Jalapeno Lime Jam, Fresh Basil & Mint, Cashew Crumble
(Pale0 & Gluten Free)


Serrano Jamon Crostini - $12
Essencia Baguette, Tomato Salad,
Imported Spanish Serrano Ham

Asparagus Espana - $9

Grilled Asparagus, Boiled Egg, Capers,
Garlic Aioli, Manchego, Almonds

Choose Your Own Steak-Venture - $15
Strip Steak with Fried Shallots
Choice Of Preparation:
Italian - Tuscan Rub, Truffled Balsamic
Brazillian - El Tigre Rub, Red Chimichurri
- Cumin, Grilled Lime

Tuscan Roasted Cauliflower - $9
Tuscan Rubbed Cauliflower, Truffle Oil, Pecorino Crema, Pesto, Shaved Almonds

Slider Trio - $16
-Fried Rockfish w/ Mango Slaw, Tamarind Chutney
-Pork Belly w/ Hoisin BBQ, Sriracha Mayo, Fresh Cucumber
-Duck Egg w/ Cucumber Relish, Fresh Basil, Cashew Crumble

Slow Roasted Pork Belly Bites - $10
Cherry Molasses, Pistachio Crumble, Microgreens



Blackberry Mojito Cobbler - $10
Almond & Macadamia Nut Crumble, Rum Glaze,
Fresh Cream, Mint

Cherry Cordial - $10
Chocolate Flourless Torte w/ Balsamic Cherries

Piña Colada Panna Cotta - $10
Paleo Coconut Panna Cotta w/ Caramelized Pineapple